FAQ about Yuko Hair Straightening

1. What is the difference with other ways of hair straightening?

Once the hair has been straightened, it stays straight. In subsequent treatments we only need to treat the newly grown, curled hair.

2. How often must my hair be treated to keep it straight?

In the case of severely curled hair, one treatment every half year is usually sufficient. With lightly curled hair, one treatment per year usually suffices.

3. How many days must I wait with washing my hair after this treatment?

You should refrain from washing your hair for 2 days (48 hours). The chemicals that are used in the straightening process, will still be active for 48 hours. During that time you cannot have any wave treatments, nor let your hair get wet. If your hair gets wet within these 48 hours and starts to curl again, you should straighten your hair once more using a hair styling iron.

4. Can this treatment be used on hair that has been coloured?

Yes, it can. The colouring process does have a damaging effect on hair. The degree of hair damage may affect the hair straightening results. Please consult our stylists before you have the treatment.

5. Can this treatment be used on hair with highlights?

In some cases this is not possible. Highlights may cause your hair to be straightened unevenly. The hair may remain wavy in areas where it was damaged by the highlights. Whether or not the treatment can be used on such hair depends on the degree of hair damage and the process used for creating the highlights. We recommend that you consult our stylists first.

6. Can this treatment be used on hair that has undergone a hair mask previously?

No, this is not possible. The hair is covered with a protecting layer by the hair mask, which prevents the components of the treatment from penetrating the hair. You must wait at least 3 months after the application of the hair mask before you can have the treatment.

7. I have had a hair straightening treatment, but my hair starts curling again at the hair roots. Is it necessary to have the treatment applied to all of my hair again? How much does it cost?

No, in such cases we only straighten the newly grown hair at the hair root. The cost is usually the same as for the previous treatment, because it requires time, effort and skill. In addition, the newly straightened part must connect seamlessly with the part that has been straightened during a previous treatment.

8. Must I pay specific attention to anything after the straightening treatment?

You should not wash your hair during the first 48 hours. We also recommend that you use Yuko home care products. Because ionisation has been used in the treatment, these products contribute significantly to the success of the treatment. It has been shown that the use of these home care products improve the success of the treatment considerably.

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